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Българска Асоциация за Управление и Развитие на Човешките Ресурси БАУРЧР

Дружество на Психолозите в България


Certificate № 0010416, 2005, for administration of personal data; release by the Commission for protection of the personal data.

Certificate № 342 (03.2005 - 04.2008) for conducting mediation in hiring people for the Republic of Bulgaria; released by the Ministry of labor and social politics.

Certificate № 937 (13.05.2008 - 13.05.2013) for conducting mediation in hiring people for the Republic of Bulgaria; released by the Ministry of labor and social politics.


The system for recruitment and assessment of the staff we use integrates the positive practices in the management of the human resources and the long experience our consultants have in this field. It is based on the assessment of three basic blocks of information:
recruitment schema

Prognosis of the professional effectiveness:
  • Assessment of the previous professional and personal experience;
  • Assessment of competences;
  • Assessment of the potential for development and the need for training

Diagnosis and analysis of the information in each block are performed by specific psychometric instruments, which are used during the four stages of the system we offer
schema 2

Stage 1 – Definition of the requirements for the position and preparing a strategy for their release

Purpose: Elaboration of common criteria for key competences (knowledge, skills, abilities, personal qualities, attitude, values and motives in the individual), which are necessary for successful performance of the professional tasks in keeping with the concrete requirements for the employer, the specifications of the organizational culture and the position.
  1. Elaboration of clear criteria for assessment and recruitment of candidates based on certain specific requirements for the position in the official characteristics.
  2. Elaboration of an advertisement and announcement of the requirements in mass media (periodicals and electronic media)
  3. Elaboration of a card for presenting personal and professional data, which is compared with the structure of the official characteristics. Thus we offer a comparison and rapidity in processing data.
  4. Operating with the defined indices
    • Elaboration of a questionnaire for assessment of the professional suitableness/competences of the candidate
    • Determination of the psychological instruments

Through the first (preparatory) stage of the process of the recruitment and assessment, we contract the concrete requirements; analyze the position with the help of an especially elaborated questionnaire and examine the specifics of the organizational environment and the main purpose is the key competences for the position to be determined.

In the preparatory stage we work out a strategy for informing and attracting potential candidates, which includes planning and designing advertisements and media distribution.

Stage 2 – Psycho diagnosis

Purpose: Examining candidates using licensed psychological tests (validated and standardized for Bulgarian conditions) and filling in a questionnaire for professional suitableness.


In the second stage our consultants aim to examine the previous professional and personal experience of the candidates, to examine the determined competences and to evaluate the potential. The assessment of the professional and psychological characteristics is conducted by combining three methods:
  • screening of documents
  • psychological testing
  • structural or semi-structural interview
  • this combination lets us take a big stream of candidate sand conduct several competitions simultaneously without any negative influence on the quality of service. In addition, the process of testing and final classing of candidates are conducted by especially elaborated computer programs

Stage 3 – Group-processing psycho diagnosis (Assessment Centre)*
(only for managerial positions – it is conducted after Stage 2 or independently)

Purpose: Observation and assessment of the really shown behavior in a number of situations with professional roles, which are grouped in four types:
  1. Critical situation which make team work necessary, taking managerial decisions and defining organizational priorities.
  2. Individual and team participation in bilateral and multilateral conversations, negotiations and consultations which need forming and applying managerial strategy for combining individual, group and organizational interests.
  3. Situations with high level of uncertainty, stress and conflicts of the interests, which need an adequate assessment of the situation, fast orientation and effective behavior for taking decisions in lack of time, information and resources.
  4. Situations of conversations inside the organization and negotiations for coordination and distribution of limited resources and management of crisis.

Situations give an opportunity for a precise microanalysis in behavior and the assessment is conducted by especially trained psychologist-diagnosticians with a long experience in this field. We work in small groups, which include only the candidates who respond to the official requirements for the position and who have gone through Stage 2 of the diagnosis successfully.

*Group-processing diagnosis (Assessment Centre) is a prognostic method for defining the long-term potential and competences; it is used in the process of recruitment, attestation and analysis of the need for training.

Stage 4 – Presenting the results

After the end of the competition you receive a report, which includes:
  • information for the competition in general
  • arrangement of candidates according to their suitableness for the position
  • information about chosen candidates (psychological profile, profile of the competences)
  • recommendations for motivating and developing the company

Stage 5 – Program for introducing new staff
(It is conducted after Stage 4 or independently)

  • shortening the period of adaptation for the new employee
  • facilitating the process of introducing into the nature of the work
  • reducing stress – good results for a short time
  • making a psychological contract between the employee and the company
  • increasing motivation and engagement of the new employee with the company
  • reducing fluctuation and expenses of the company/li>

Your guarantee:

In the process of recruitment we examine the candidates’ long-term motivation for work. That’s why, the team of Alicorn-Consult is ready to conduct a new competition for free, if in three moths the chosen candidate quits. This is your guarantee, if all the law requirements, conditions and engagements are fulfilled.

Your investment

Good practices in this field of human resources show that we have a successful recruitment when the requirements for the position and the specifics of the company are combined with the most appropriate candidate. In order to find the balance we work in partnership with employers and other people in the process.

Alicorn-Consult offers our clients a flexible scheme for paying, in which long-term partnership is the main priority.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It is extremely important for our team to respond to your expectations and to be your partner and guarantee for success in business.

**The team of Alicorn-Consult makes an individual offer, in which we take into consideration all the factors that can possibly influence the process of recruitment.