Alicorn Consult Ltd
Sofia 1014, 6 "Slaveikov" Sq., fl.2, office 15-16
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Burgas 8016, 10 "Chaika" Str.
GSM: +359 898 508 195

» Assessment Centre
» Recruitment
» Training and Development Centre
» ART- team building
» Organizational and Managerial Consulting
» Mediation and Intercession in Conflicts
» Psychological Consulting and Psychotherapy

Българска Асоциация за Управление и Развитие на Човешките Ресурси БАУРЧР

Дружество на Психолозите в България

  • HR consultations
    • Staff recruitment and assessment of potential
    • Group-processing psycho diagnosis (assessment centre)
    • Analysis of training needs and business trainings – seminars, trainings, gaming
    • Development of recruitment and assessment systems
    • Systems for training and career development
    • Systems for employees’ work performance assessment
    • Development of flexible reward systems

  • Organizational Development
    • Improvement of managerial practices
    • Co-operation in making strategic and business plans
    • Co-operation in building up integrated systems for management
    • Development of HR management systems in conformity to the quality standards
    • Mediation and intercession in the event of conflicts

  • Diagnosis
    • Analysis of the needs for assessment
    • Diagnosis of the organizational culture
    • Diagnosis of the organizational climate
    • Diagnosis of the leading style, management roles and managerial style of management
    • Diagnosis of the team effectiveness, team compatibility and efficiency

  • Consulting in EU projects
    • Alicorn-Consult offers elaboration, execution and management of EU projects based on our specific knowledge and skills and project culture
    • A key factor for better business results is the realisation of projects, which increases the level of employment and capacity
    • The European Commission provides Bulgaria with €5 billion for a period of only two years.
    • Our goal is for as many Bulgarian companies as possible to use the human resource programmes and thus to strengthen their positions on the market
    • The basic principle while working out and carrying out a European project is partnership.
    • Our expert knowledge and skills will reap the necessary financial support
    • We can make your team even more competitive by analysing your needs together and professionally, and this will undoubtedly increase the effectiveness of your business