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Българска Асоциация за Управление и Развитие на Човешките Ресурси БАУРЧР

Дружество на Психолозите в България

  • Is there a point of intersection between business and imagination?
  • Is there time for hobby in contemporary business?
  • Are there secrets or forgotten children’s dreams and talents inside us which we are waiting the right moment for?

Our proposal:

Art – team-buildings for building up corporative identity and team compatibility:

Team jigsaw puzzle/ team mosaic – work with ceramics and applied materials”
The secret of the African tribe – composing music with drums”
Gods and goddesses in us – study of the archetypal images in feminine and masculine psyche and their manifestation in business environment”
Captains and pirates – study of the organizational universe in the rough sea (yacht trip)”
Far and Away – before we begin working together we should form trust in the team – the road to trust can start from and go through riding horses...”

And a lot more...

Take part in our team-buildings:

  • to find together the key for spontaneity and our authentic nature
  • to find new ways of expressing ourselves
  • to experience complete pleasure from creativity and to come with new enthusiasm and boldness for action

The emphasis is put on provoking creativity and spontaneity in every participant in order to solve conflicts and find various approaches for coping through the process of creativity. If you want your team to work in synchrony, let us put the power of imagination and canalize the creative energy for finding business solutions.

By creativity in action we can change our attitude to problems, stereotyped thinking and crisis;

Have you ever thought how many social roles you play every day?

This creativity – oriented approach helps for:
  1. Stimulating imagination, innovative way of working and finding non-standard solutions to standard problems
  2. Specific manifestation of realized and not realized gifts, talents and qualities of the participants
  3. Opening senses for perceiving things in a new way (making the invisible visible)

  4. Finding a new vision for the way and realization of our purposes and desires
  5. Experiencing and expressing emotions and solving conflicts in a different and positive way
  6. Finding new form of communication, expressing ourselves and interaction with others
  7. Reaching a clear vision and mission of the organization
  8. Building up and strengthening the sense of belonging to the team and organizational values

The benefits for your team:
  1. stimulating the team spirit and group creativity
  2. provoking creative potential and expressing inner I
  3. improving the skills for concentration and finding the ability to see “difficult” solutions clearly from another side

  4. effective relaxation and working technique for reducing stress
  5. unfolding new forms for communication through art
  6. fully understanding oneself – behavior, impulses, desires, motives, actions
  7. ability to see through the eyes of others – ourselves, the team, the organization
  8. opening senses for beauty and the world around...

Let’s order together the mosaic of success...

In team-buildings participants have the opportunity to create a common vision of the team, going through different phases of team work. They create a real present for themselves and the team by concrete manifestation of their creative ideas and common experiencing.

After finishing the team-building the participants take their “piece of art – musical, porcelain, etc.”, born by the brains, hearts and hands of all of them.

It depends on you to support your people in creating a common vision on the road to searching and finding the NAME and factors for motivation for success.

Let’s find together the strengths and talents of every one of us until we reach synchrony. Let’s sharpen our senses and direct our eyes towards our successful work together. Let’s feel the pleasure of visible results when everybody works with the thought of others.

Write the beginning of your “endless team story” – small step is all we need to reach it together! – We are expecting you!