Alicorn Consult Ltd
Sofia 1014, 6 "Slaveikov" Sq., fl.2, office 15-16
GSM: +359 898 508 195

Burgas 8016, 10 "Chaika" Str.
GSM: +359 898 508 195

» Assessment Centre
» Recruitment
» Training and Development Centre
» ART- team building
» Organizational and Managerial Consulting
» Mediation and Intercession in Conflicts
» Psychological Consulting and Psychotherapy

Българска Асоциация за Управление и Развитие на Човешките Ресурси БАУРЧР

Дружество на Психолозите в България

Alicorn-Consult is a consulting agency, which was founded in January 2005. Since then our activities have been concentrated in the regions of Sofia, Varna and Bourgas.

Short history
For years we have been proving our innovative approach and professionalism with our specific competences, experience and enthusiasm to achieve even better results. Our most innovative projects are in the field of organisational development and business training, as illustrated by the following examples:
  • building the first integrated system in Bulgaria for management of potential (system for recruitment and assessment of the competences; system for assessment of the work performance; reward system; training system and system for career development);
  • conducting the first headhunting training programme in partnership with a Belgian consulting agency
  • conducting the first change management training programme in Bulgaria based on quantum physics
  • realisation of a project aimed at improving service quality in view of the creation of a united standard
  • conducting the first training programme in Bulgaria for wedding agents in partnership with Fairy Day
  • realisation of a project for development of managerial skills and leadership directed to training 181 managers of CEZ Bulgaria

What is the advantage of using a Bulgarian HR consulting agency rather than a foreign HR agency?
  • Knowledge of the Bulgarian labour market
  • Experience with foreign companies
  • Knowledge of local cultural and social context

Why choose Alicorn-Consult to be your partner for Bulgaria?
  • We will offer innovative thinking and motivated experts, who are qualified and experienced in various fields and who you can trust
  • We will offer you an assessment of your needs and a customer-oriented approach
  • We will understand and respond with professionalism to your specific requirements and needs
  • We will help you achieve and obtain the best from your employees
  • We will work together with you for the achievement of your business goals because your dreams are important for us

Choosing Alicorn-Consult as your partner will turn your eyes to the future. By turning your eyes to the future you have already made the first successful step.

How can Alicorn-Consult be useful to you?

With senior professionals and partners, we are always ready to give advice and discuss matters with you about:
  • recruitment
  • training and development
  • HR consultations
  • organisational and managerial consulting
  • consulting in EU projects

Our vision
To assist people and organizations to develop their potential and to reach their objectives by providing with consultations, trainings and support in their aim for perfection.

Our mission
To be your reliable partner and companion on the road to the horizon, where the World of creativity and intuition and the World of business and entrepreneurship unite, breaking stereotypes, overcoming the fears of the different and the unknown, building the GOLDEN ROAD TO SUCCESS.

Our message to organizations
In the 21st century people are the main source for increasing organizational competence. They are the means and the way to build effective organizations, which do not look into the present but into the future. Having found out and unfolded your inner resources and potential on an organizational, group and individual level, we will help you leave your competitors behind and take a leading position on the market. We are your worthy partner and guarantee for success!

Our message to all of you
“Strive for the stars! Even if you do not reach them, you will learn how to fly!” (unknown author) Let’s develop human potential and believe in its abilities!

Our politics
Alicorn-Consult offers unfolded strategies and programs for development, restructure, transformation and constant improvements in the organizational and business process by precisely elaborated methods for:
  • recruitment and assessment
  • training and development
  • organizational and managerial consulting
  • mediation and intercession in conflicts
  • psychological consultations and psychotherapy

Our basis
Central office – Bourgas
Bourgas Office
10 Chaika Str.
8016 Burgas

Regional office – Sofia
6 Slaveikov Sq.
Floor 2, office 15 and 16
Sofia 1000

Alicorn-Consult has its own basis of a built up area in Bourgas, which is situated at 250 m from the sea.

The capacity of our basis in Bourgas consists of three cabinets for psychotherapy, three training halls, 20 beds and an open area of 600 sq.m., which gives a perfect opportunity for unfolding the interactive games in the garden, the beach and the sea.